AAP launches Lamka branch office


CCPUR, January 12: The Aam Admi Party today launched its branch office at Lamka.

The function was held at Vengnual, New Lamka Peace Avenue, Agape Street which will also serve as the party headquarter.

Rev V Thankhangin DI EBC opened the program.

Speaking to media persons, the chief convenor of new AAP branch, PK Mung said that enrolment of members through the net has already started and more than 10000 members have already signed up at Chandel and CCpur district.

The party’s main activity in the state will be to fight corruption and end VIP culture, he said while adding that the AAP branch will also be joining the national-level Anti-corruption Forum at Delhi.

He said that the party is also open to all irrespective of community, tribe, groups, etc.

During the occasion, advisor Thangkhangin Ngaithe who has a doctorate from JNU, New Delhi said that the party should move forward in such a manner that others are unable to create any block for the party.

He said the party should not allow vested or communal/tribe based politic to enter the AAP or else we are doomed from the onset.

The adviser further challenged the leadership to work at the grass-root level out of their home comfort.

He said the people’s vision must encompassed more than a hundred year ahead, which in many case don’t even cover their own lifetime.

“In politics we must be ready to face any repercussion that might come along the way, and should have the attitude to take the anti-corruption fight to the end”, he continued.

He said during the times of Rishang Keishing under Art 371 clause ‘A’, the non-Naga tribes were divided, and continued that it gives special advantage/privilege to the Nagas.

Leaders of the party said that the party has as of now no plan to contest election in CCpur or Manipur.


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