Better roads will reduce mishaps: works minister


IMPHAL January 7: Engineers should perform routine checks during the construction of road in order to bring about an improvement in the quality of work, stated works minister Dr Kh Ratankumar during the inaugural function of the week-long observation of Road Safety Audit and Mitigation Measure Workshop held at the conference hall of PWD today.

The minister stressed the need to collect views from different quarters for reducing road mishaps in the state. The abundance of bikes that can maintain high speed is one of the contributing factors for rise in road accidents. Smooth roads are not enough to cut down the accidents and we need width expansion and quality control during construction of the roads, he added.

The engineers should monitor that proper criteria of construction are obeyed and the contractors should not be swayed by the thoughts of profits alone, he added.

He added that this month the road safety week is being held and as a part of this observation there will be awareness campaigns and motor bike rally to preach the messages of road safety. People also need to understand the road safety rules as many precious human lives have been lost, said the works minister.

A former engineer of PWD, Th Joykumar said that India is counted among nations with the highest rate of accident. In the state context, Manipur recorded a high rate of accident but during the last two three years mortality rate in accident has climbed down though the rate of accident had increased.

The general public also needs to be aware about the first aids methods and rush the victims immediately to the nearest hospital after the accident occurred. The understanding of general public can save many precious lives too, he said.

The role of engineer and their techniques is very important during construction of road, for example deciding where the culverts or speed breakers should be installed, he added.

In the inaugural function Ratankumar, chief engineer PWD M Lokendro, ex-engineers of PWD and MIT engineer were present as chief guest, president and guest of honour of the function respectively.


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