Cadres not involved in petty theft case as charged: URF


IMPHAL, January 21: The accusation of the All Manipur Nupi Lup/Sekmai against cadres of the tripartite agreement signatory United Revolutionary Front, URF, Manipur is baseless. The incidents of robbery and other anti-social activities reported around Loitang Khunou area will be looked into and anyone found involved in such activities will be punished accordingly, said URF, Manipur chief central finance Chingkheingamba during a media briefing.

The outfit is presently lodged at the 9th Dogra Regiment camp at Spinning Mill, Loitang Khunou.

The media briefing was also attended by home secretary Ruhini, asst publicity secretary Poinu Luwang among others.

He said the incident wherein one of the cadres was found stealing a vehicle battery is true, and the cadre had been expelled from the outfit.

The chief central finance further declared that none of the outfit’s cadres were involved in any of the accusations including stealing of gas cylinders, two-wheelers and even killing cattle found in the fields in Loitang Khunou and its nearby areas charged by the All Manipur Nupi Lup, Sekmai.

The total strength of the outfit is 170, out of which 147 have been already verified, he said before adding that at present there are around 70 cadres present in the camp.

Further clarifying on the charges, he said that as all the cadres staying at the camp are involved in the outfit’s ‘Go Green’ movement they normally leaves the camp on matters concerning to the movement, but return everyday by 4.30 pm.

All entry of the cadres are checked by the cadres of the outfit, even hand bags of women cadres are checked, he said.

On top of this, police pickets of either the Lamsang Police or the Sekmai police stands guard at the main gate, he said and the strength of the cadres present in the camp is submitted to the 9 Dogra Regiment, he said before adding that out pass are provided to the cadres who leave the campus.

Meanwhile, speaking to the media team on the phone, the chairman of the group Lanheiba Meitei said that the voice of the people is God’s voice.

“We respect the voice and regard the people and we know the sentimental feelings”, he said.

“We sacrifice for them, fight for them and die for them”, he said.


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