Communist movement has weakened: MCP


IMPHAL, January 17: After the pioneering work laid down by Lamyanba Hijam Irabot, Communists groups that took to arms and others that did not, have become puppets as there was no subsequent movement for the welfare of the peasantry, stated the Maoist Communist Party.

In a press statement, the MCP stated that a glaring example of the assertion is that none of the Communist groups in Manipur or other concerned organizations have aired their protest over the abduction of three poor laborers and their supervisor from Singda Dam by unidentified persons. Those organizations that had come up to follow the footsteps of Lamyanba Irabot should always keep in their minds his cherished dream to build a sovereign nation based on egalitarian beliefs.

Mere pretense in order to appear sincere, hectic activities and observations in the month September, and random distribution of seeds with the assistance of ‘parasitic’ officers of the state agriculture department cannot be regarded as following the path of the leader, the press statement said.

Many drivers had been taken as hostage for ransom by armed persons, others were killed in incident like the RIMS massacre and fishermen were used as human shields in Ningthoukhong, it added. Different communist parties have conspicuously responded with silence during those incidents and their behaviors cannot be termed as supporting the ideologies of Lamyanba Irabot, it contended.

On the other hand, the armed groups of communists have donned the role of armed revisionist parties and became extortionist and visionless drifters who are despised by the public. Communist leaders who have treaded the path of electoral politics are selling the name of Lamyanba Irabot for their benefits, it charged.

Manipur is a fertile ground for communism and there are countless adherents to the communist philosophy from Sekmai to Sugnu and from Lamlai to Kumbi, it added asserting that the socialist movement has suffered due to the misguidance of groups formed in the name of Lamyanba Irabot. The party asked the comrades whether they had ever come across help given by such groups to farmers during the time of natural calamities and crop failure. It surmised that the existing communists have abandoned the teachings of Lamyanba Irabot and forsaken the ideologies of Marxism.

National liberation can be a reality only when a communist party based on Marxism comes into existence and MCP will set forth to establish a political alliance of communist parties based on particular issues under the model of People’s Progressive Front, the party announced. It invited followers of Lamyanba Irabot and believers in communism to be a part of the venture.


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