Conman arrested for cheating ATM newbies


CCPUR, January 28: The Indian Reserve Battalion on duty at the United Bank of India, UBI CCpur branch today caught a conman who cheated people who come to draw their money at the ATM booths, taking advantage of those who are not proficient in using ATM cards.

An IRB on duty at the ATM said Sangmualian Guite, son of (L) Lalzui of Vengnuam, New Lamka was caught today with three ATM card of UBI, SBI and ICICI bank.

Several varieties of illegal drug capsules including Spasmo Proxyvon, Nitro and a capsule of ‘W’ locally known as ‘horse medicine’ were also seized from the man.

The guards have been on a high alert ever since there were reports that a man had cheated people who had come to draw money from their accounts at the ATM booth yesterday.

Meanwhile, a woman had also complained to the guards that a man after assisting her in drawing out the money using her ATM had told her that there was no money in her account, which led to the arrest of the man.

A Hero Honda vehicle key, a Samsung mobile and Rs 720 from his wallet were also recovered from him, said a source.

Locals who had gathered after the man was arrested by the guards said that Sangmualian Guite first tried to divert attention of the police by saying that he is in the army, however, following much coaxing from the police, he said he is a VDF personnel, which when confirmed with the concerned authorities turned out to be false.

Later, the culprit was handed over to the police.

It is also learnt that Sangmualian Guite had been working in cohort with the previous keeper at the ATM booth identified as only Mamang, and that they had recently fraudulently withdrawn about Rs 14000 from the ATM.

Meanwhile, replying to a query from this IFP correspondent, the manager of the UBI CCpur branch Abhinandan Jha said although it is not the duty of the bank to monitor such cheatings, the bank has been taken utmost care that such incidents don’t occur and have even displayed caution on the wall of the ATM booths as well as in their bank.

He said the bank had also organised workshops.

He said recently one of the bank’s ATM booth keeper was recently dismissed because of his insincerity, before adding that the bank will be organising two awareness programs on the issue at the earliest.


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