Development will come only after unity and peace: Yamthong Haokip


IMPHAL January 22: Development in village or society can be brought only after unity among the people, not separatist or individualist ideas, said Yamthong Haokip during the inaugural function of a seven-day long conference of Vaiphei communities, Eastern Block VPC-ZILLAI conference- EVYSA 2014 at Haukhongphai Village, Sadar Hills East, Senapati, Manipur.

During the inaugural function the local MLA said Haukhongphai village is a very nice place but the population of the village of 200 people is very less.

He further said that only one king or village chief, or village head cannot bring development. If a particular village is build after various small villages amalgamated, the populations will be large, the thinking of various leaders can bring development, peace, love and harmony in the place or village will be lasting.

If the village has more populations it may show strength in field of education, club, sports. Even through the exchange of items the residents among them can survive a very good life.

So it is an appeal to leave the trends of separateness and disunity among the village, as it may lead to weakness and non-development in the area, he added.

Let us try to appreciate other goodness and richness but here in our minds when someone is good or rich, people are trying to pull down.

Sport is also one of the sign of unity and togetherness. The collective work or effort can conquer the world in any field game and sports.

He also added that we should work hard with this aim and objective.

Hard work has always proven to be fruitful and Marry Kom’s effort is an illustration.

“Let us concentrate together on your work and love each other like today. ZILLAI (Youth) is a sign of unity in the sport. So chief of the village, head of village, leaders should stand together for development and peace in our state,” Yamthong Haokip said.

In the inaugural function Yamthong Haokip MLA Saikul, Rockson social worker, T Manihar Singh MCS, SDO (Saikul) and Lamminlian Vaiphei were present as chief guest, guest of honour and president respectively.

In the opening day, 11 clubs from various Vaiphei village participated thought the expectation is for 28 clubs.

Colourful cultural dance and various songs were presented.

One  electric linesman off Lamka,  Khumtawnminlian alias Lianboi, 47, of  Red Cross road  today was electrocuted while repairing  a transformer at  Tuibuang.

The death occur at around 9 am today when  he went to repair the faulty transformer which had deprived Lamka town of power from last night with one of his colleague. After confirming that the line is off and reportedly informing the station, they stated their work but were electrocuted as the power was on.

Later the family of the deceased declined to claim the body, lying at CCpur Dist Hospital morgue after the post mortem was performed by the doctor at the hospital. The police of CCpur filed an FIR at CCpur PS. Till the filling of this report, body was kept at the morgue with family members insisting that the department was at fault and should settle the matter. The deceased is survived by his wife and two children, a  son and a daughter.


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