Fallen From Grace


Boxer Dingko’s career as a coach has run into trouble before getting a chance to even take off. After his unwarranted and brutal assault of three students, the man idolised as the first great boxer who brought laurels for the Manipur has been slapped with criminal charges for intending voluntarily causing hurt and assault or use of criminal force on a woman. On the other hand, the Sports Authority of India has suspended him as coach pending the probe by a committee it had constituted and notified that necessary action will be taken up against him as per the panel’s report.
Dingko was the inspiration of thousands of young girls and boys and they took to the ring to emulate his achievement. The tragic irony is now none of the boxing prodigies is likely to consider coming under the tutelage after his exhibition of recklessness and impulsiveness. The turnaround of events is a saddening occurrence in our quest for more glory at the national and international scenario in the boxing arena. According to reports, Dingko apparently has not settled down to his new job yet. After quitting the Indian Navy, the coaching job at SAI Imphal Centre was supposed to be his first assignment. Having travelled the world and locked horns with the best boxers and granted the service of the best available coaches and training technologies, he must have set personal dreams to chase in his new avatar as coach upon the thoughts of touching down on his home soil. The experienced boxer and the countless raw talents available in Manipur would have definitely emerged as a fruitful combination. Very much like he used to wrest bouts from his opponents corners with brief burst of fury releasing a series of lethal punches, the pugilist might well have ruined all his dreams in a single spurt of rage. Having fought even for basic needs during his impoverished childhood, underlined by him being tossed at an orphanage, Dingko should be well-versed with the harsh facts of life. However, even with his familiarity with adversities, the separation from his fans is capable to churn his inner feelings and take him down on a deep abyss of despair. Is this the complete downfall of one of the superstars of Manipur?

Had the incident happened two or three decades back, the ace boxer might probably have escaped with a reprimand. But, physical assault of innocent individuals, particularly those against women and child, are receiving due coverage in the media – irrespective of whether they are victims of excesses by the security personnel, armed militants, or domestic violence. The increased attention from the media augurs well in keeping crime down by intimidating possible offenders with the fear of public exposures. It appeared to be a well established fact that Dingko had mercilessly canned the three young athletes. Subsequently, legal proceedings had been initiated and the boxer was ordered into judicial remand. Moreover, if the prosecution (or the panel’s reports) ends up proving Dingko’s criminal intent, then his illustrious past records would prove too little too less in saving his job. The moment will be saddening indeed but justice must prevail. The whole episode had fallen down out of the blue and painted our world in shades of shock and disbelief. There is nothing for us to do except wait for the legal proceedings to commence and follow wherever course it takes us. What actually transpired between the boxer and the girls will unfold steadily, plus there will be witnesses taking the stand including their parents and the medical persons who attend to them for the judge to determine the gravity of his offence. But most importantly, Manipur will be observing how Dingko conduct himself in the aftermath of his most deplorable action. Unnecessarily crying for his rigorous imprisonment, renaming of a street or pronouncing the end of his coaching career should be held back as of yet. People need chances to show repentance. The robber Ratnakar took the opportunity to become the great sage Valmiki. Calling for his blood will tantamount to kicking a fallen man down to the dust. Let us pray that Dingko reforms his behaviours like a champion.


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