FREINDS drive on sale of spurious medicines


IMPHAL, January 14: Members of the Federation of Regional Indigenous Societies (FRIENDS) and Ayurvedic Doctors Association of Manipur today picked up non-locals from Khuyathong, Hatta, Sangakpham bazaar for selling unknown and unrefined Ayurvedic medicines using loud speakers along the roadsides.

Speaking at a press conference, FREINDS president, Sapamcha Jadumani said that members of the two organisations had initiated a drive against some scrupulous individuals who have been selling unknown and unrefined ayurvedic medicines.

The drive was initiated on January 11, 2014 following complaints of allergy and other maladies from persons who had used such medicines, he said.

He also said that the volunteers first asked those found indulging in such selling of ayurvedic medicines and asked for their documents enabling them to sell the medicines, however, the volunteers found several vendors who could not produce their valid documents.

He said the Central Council of Indian Medicine had already strictly ban selling of medicine on the road side without proper documents and permissions from the concerned authorities but in the state there are numerously vendors who sell such kind of unknown medicines without any registration and name of the medicine.

He appealed to the public not to buy such kind of medicines from them.

Dr N Paona member of Ayurvedic Doctors Association of Manipur said that the rounded up non- locals have no knowledge about ayurvedic medicines, and added that when the medicines were closely inspected, fungus was seen in many of the medicines.


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