Fresh pressure on RIMS on childbirth deaths


IMPHAL, January 20: In a direct fall-out of the several cases of deaths during child births and allegations that negligence on the part of the doctors and staff of the hospital have been responsible for the deaths, the director of the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Prof S Sekharjit and other senior officials held a meeting with representatives of a coordinating committee of JACs formed in connection with the recent deaths during child birth.

Meanwhile, the Co-ordination Committee of the JAC’s formed in connection with the deaths during child birth today declared that the committee will launch severe forms of agitations unless justice is delivered in all the cases.

According to a press statement of the media adviser, RIMS, the representatives demanded a copy of the inquiry report of the cases.

It was pointed out that it was an internal inquiry and another inquiry is being conducted by the Manipur government since an FIR had been registered by police.

“The basic problems faced by the RIMS doctors were also communicated to them since RIMS is a tertiary referral hospital where rare and serious cases referred from the district and general hospitals only should be treated”, it said.

It said the RIMS authority also appreciated the people oriented suggestions from the committee representatives and assured that appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken up against those doctors whenever there are evidences of criminal negligence.

Regarding the question of private practices, it was informed that appropriate actions have been taken up in some cases while others have been warned, it said.

Proceedings are going on in cases of some others, it said.

Further replying to the suggestion of the JAC members on the installation of the CCTV and biometric attendance system, it is said that the implementation is in an advanced stage.

The RIMS authority also welcomes such positive suggestions from the members of the public for the improvement of the healthcare services.

On the other hand, the co-ordination committee formed by the three JACs formed regarding the the deaths of Bijeta of Lamshang, T Devjani of Lamshang Loukram leirak and Sandhyarani of Lamboikhongnang Khong had today taken out a protest rally from Uripok towards RIMS, but was stopped midway by a combined team of Lamshang police and Lamphel police.

A few representatives were however, allowed to meet with the director and submit their memorandum.

The memorandum demanded timely action against the doctors and other staff of the hospital who had neglected in carrying out their duties, and for the director to quit on moral ground for his failure to control his staff.

Addressing media persons during a press conference today, after the meeting with the director RIMS along with JAC members, convenor of the Devjani JAC, K Margaret said that till date the results of the inquiry committee formed in connection with the cases is yet to be declared.

When the JAC representatives asked about the inquiry results, the director had said that even though the inquiry is complete, the results cannot be publicly declared.

Regarding questions on whether the RIMS authorities have taken any action against the doctors and nurses involved in the cases, the director had said that he cannot take action, but it has to be initiated from the higher ups which is from the centre, the spokesperson said.

The director had also said that there was a standing order since many years which says that doctors of the hospital cannot practice in private clinics or firms, she said.

On the demand regarding his resignation on moral ground, the director had replied that he cannot do so as he was selected from the centre, she said before adding that unless justice is delivered in all the cases, the committee will launched several agitations.


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