Golden coloured `ngamu` captured


IMPHAL, Jan 3: Today afternoon, a very rare golden coloured Meetei Ngamu (lata fish) was caught by Laiphrakpam Imobi Meitei of Atom Leirak, Khongman Zone-IV in Imphal East district from a drain in front of his residence. This is the second time this same fish has been caught by him.  In the first instance, about three-four months ago, he had let go of the fish under heavy pressure from the locality citing supernatural power of the fish.  However, this time, he decided to keep the fish on account of some signs of injury on its body which he wanted fish experts to cure primarily.  He further added that he has no hesitation in handing over the fish to researchers and/or proper authorities who can take proper care of this fish for the purpose of research and or upkeeping without killing it. The length of the fish from head to tail is approximately 16 cm. and 3 cm in width.


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