Grenade attack condemned, locals appeal against violent attacks


BISHNUPUR, January 7: Condoling the bomb attack at the residence of PWD EE Pukhrambam Mani, 58, son of (L) Lala at Thamnapokpi Awang Leikai last night around 6.15 pm, locals today staged a sit in protest.

Demonstrators held placards reading, “We condole the bomb attack at the residence of PWD EE Mani”, “If bombs are exploded at residential areas, then how will people survive”, “Let the people live in peace”, etc.

Speaking to media persons, Meira Paibi APunba Lup, Bishnupur district branch vice president, M Tombi Devi appealed to all concerned not to repeat such violent action which could take lives.

Others also lamented that such bomb attacks for monetary demands means that people’s lives have today no value against money.

Protestors also said that such groups who threaten the public are condemned and if such acts continue than the mothers will certainly stand up.

While alleging that the attack have been carried out by suspected PREPAK cadres, they demanded to stop all such threats.

Unidentified persons lobbed a grenade at the engineer’s residence, while the family was having dinner at the kitchen.

The bomb, which is suspected to be lobbed over the brick wall, fell between a Chevrolet car and a Maruti 800. During the explosion, the front tyre on the right side, the light signal reflector and the engine catching of the Maruti 800 were damaged, while, the back side tyre on the right and the window panes of the back door were damaged.

The RC ceiling, and the iron gates and portions of front and southern sides of the house were also hit by splinters from the bomb.

The explosion left a 4 inch wide and one inch deep crater.

It may be mentioned that yesterday’s bomb threat at the EE’s family was the third. On 12, September, 2012, a grenade was lobbed at the courtyard of the family which failed to explode, and then on December 3, 2013, a packed box containing a hand grenade and a Rs 5 lakh demand note signed only as PREPAK was left at the courtyard of the family.


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