Guv greetings on Gaan-ngai


IMPHAL, Jan 12: The governor of Manipur greets the people of Manipur especially our Zeliangrong brethren on the happy and auspicious occasion of Gaan Ngai, 2014.

Gaan Ngai which means in Zeliangrong dialect as festival of winter season is a festival of paying respect and homage to the souls of those who left previous year. Besides, it symbolizes the end of a year and heralding a new one.

This ritualistic festival of the Zeliangrong community has now become an important cultural event in the State and is joined by all communities irrespective of their religious affiliation providing an opportunity to strengthen the bond of friendship between various communities.

It also provides an avenue for worship, joy, merriment and also to work and aspire for a shared goal of peace and harmony. All should resolve to follow the spiritual and moral values of the festival for a meaningful celebration.

The governor once again extends his heartiest greetings and best wishes in the celebration of Gaan Ngai, 2014.


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