Handicapped welfare month concludes


IMPHAL, January 4: The Handicapped Development (HD) Foundation has organized the closing ceremony of handicapped welfare month which is observed n connection with Louis Braille Day at the office premises of HD Foundation, Sagolband Tera Sayang Pukhri Mapal.

The inaugural ceremony of the handicapped welfare month was held on the December 3, 2013 at Manipur Press Club.

Dr Ch Rupachandra Singh, P Gopendro Singh and Dr S Jasowanta Singh who are the chairman, vice-chairman and secretary general of HD Foundation were the presidium members of the function.

The simple programme starts at 1:00 pm with the speech of Dr S Jasowanta Singh, secretary general of the HD Foundation. He said that taking the opportunity of celebrating the Louis Braille Day, the handicapped welfare month the foundation has been observing since December 3 last came to its closing line. He continued that Louis Braille Day is celebrated across the world on his birth day i.e. January 4 every year. Today is the 205th birth day of the person who developed the Braille Script.

Speaking about the Louis Braille, he further said that Louis Braille was born on the January 4, 1809 at Coupvray, a small town near Paris, France and he further added that his father was a shoemaker and the young Louis enjoyed engaging in his father’s workshop. One day, while his father was not watching, Louis accidentally punctured his eye with an awl, a sharp tool used to punch holes in leather.

Infection eventually set in and spread to his other eye, leaving Louis completely blind. Louis Braille invented a tactile alphabet for the blind. In 1829, Louis Braille published the method of writing words using six raised dots to represent the standard alphabet. The system of raised dots is called Braille which enables blind people of any age to read with the tips of their fingers.

Dr Jasowanta appeals to the masses especially to the persons with disabilities and their parents to cooperate to HD Foundation in future programmes of supporting and mainstreaming the persons with disabilities.

The cash support for education and other vocational classes were also distributed to eight children with disabilities during the closing ceremony.


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