High time to move from quota mentality, opines Francis Ngajokpa


KANGPOKPI, January 9: We are in the world of competition, struggling for the best said Francis Ngajokpa, minister Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, before adding that it is time to move away from the “Quota mentality” for all communities in the state and encourage equal struggle to be the best.

Francis Ngajokpa was speaking as the guest of honour during the first anniversary function of Kilkhong Memorial Celebration at Taloulong, Damdei organized by the Sitlhou Youth Organization today.

The minister continued that every child from all communities in the state are getting equal syllabus, teaching facilities as well as equal time and equal treatment in the schools, colleges, universities.

It is vital for everyone to struggle and render greater effort to achieve the best with the equal facilities they received, noted Francis Ngajokpa while adding that the mentality to depend on quota, which has somewhat become a culture particularly among the tribal communities, is the main factor which is discouraging the youth to struggle and put more efforts.

Ngamthang Haokip, minister, IFC, Printing and Stationery, who attended the occasion as chief guest while lauding the organizing committee said that every human being have their own origin and it is important for everyone to know their respective origin.

The IFC minister continued that a man who has no knowledge of his origin is a lifeless human being.

He said the organising of such function will be a stepping stone for unity, peace and harmony for everyone in state.

A floral tribute was paid to Late Khotinthang (Kilkhong) Sitlhou, the unsung hero of the Anglo-Thadou War (1917-19) at his memorial site at Taloulong by the guests and other dignitaries where Rev V Sitlhou, conducted a prayer.

Late Khotinthang (Kilkhong) Sitlhou was the chief convenor of the Anglo-Thadou War of 1917-19 said SL. Paokhosei, president, Sitlhou Council, India while narrating that Late Kilkhong hosted the famous feast called “Salam Lhah” on March 17, 1917 at Jampi, Manipur where a pact was sealed wherein all the leading Thadou chiefs had pledged to fight the great British hegemony for the independence of Manipur.

Late Kilkhong, who was well known for his valour and statesmanship led the war and incurred heavy losses on the British forces and subsequently he was arrested alongwith other leading Thadou chiefs and imprisoned at Sadiya, Assam and Cellular Jail, Andaman & Nicobar Island continued the Sitlhou Council, India President and added that the War was declared closed by Lt.Gen.Sir H.D.U Henry Keary, KBC, KCIE, DSO on 20 May 1919.

The Statue of Late Khotinthang (Kilkhong) Sitlhou has been erected by the Sitlhous and dedicated for his Thadou nationalism.

In his keynote address K.Lhouvum, co-ordinator, SYO asserted that the celebration has been organized to remember and honour Late Khotinthang (Kilkhong), and receive inspiration from his leadership and sacrifice as well as to use the celebration as a unifying force amongst the scattered Sitlhous.


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