`India`s machineries set to colonise the Nagas`


DIMAPUR, January 31 (NNN): NSCN-IM chairman Isak Chisi Swu has cautioned that all the state machineries of the Government of India are set to colonize the Nagas in the name of development and also the security of India. Swu also accused the Government of India of adopting the neo-colonial policy of killing the Nagas through the Nagas these days.

This is the message of Isak Chisi Swu read out on the 34th NSCN Foundation Day held at Camp Hebron, off Dimapur today which was made available to Newmai News Network in Dimapur.

Swu and Muivah could not participate in today`s occasion as they are readying themselves in New Delhi for the next round of talks with the Government of India likely to be held in the middle of February.

“As Nagalim has been made the killing field of the Indian armed forces for so long resistance to it in one form or the other is a must, not a choice,” asserted the NSCN-IM chairman.

Harping on the reason why the NSCN was formed, Isak Chisi Swu said that the blunder made by the Naga National Council (NNC) in signing The Shillong Accord had nearly buried the Naga history and out of such historical necessity, on January 31, 1980 the outfit came into being. “The history of Israelites would have been ended in the Mount Sinai had there not been Moses who stayed ground when rebellion rocked the camp. Likewise, the history of the Nagas would have been buried in the grave of The Shillong Accord had there not been NSCN leadership,” said the NSCN-IM chairman while thanking God for “the great deliverance”.

Recalling how the present peace talks began, Isak Chisi Swu said amidst the tough resistance put by by the `Naga patriots` against the aggression of the Indian and the Burmese states for decades, General Shankar Roy Choudhury, the then Chief of the Army Staff of India made a historic statement saying, “Military solution is not possible.” Swu also quoted the then Prime Minister of India PV Narasimha Rao which said, “Military solution is ruled out.” According to the NSCN-IM chairman, it was a U-turn approach from military to political.

He then reiterated that the present peace process being held between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM on the basis of the three agreed terms “is ground breaking”.

“Recognition of the entity of the Nagas, unique history and situation of the Nagas are landmarks in history,” Swu stated.

Talking on the NSCN-IM position, Isak Swu said that no one should doubt about it that the outfit is a recognised entity. “It is a member of UNPO, the organisation of the dominated peoples and nations of the world. It is also an associate member of the London-based PNSD (Parliamentaryn for National Self-determination). The NSCN is a party to the Geneva Call, an organisation that works under the United Nations. We were honoured to speak in the august meetings of the UN for a number of times,” the NSCN-IM leader claimed.

He then said NSCN-IM is principle-based. “Our national revolution is principle-based. Our politics of negotiation is also principle-based. NSCN will not go for any kind of solution foregoing our principles. It is for a negotiated settlement that respects mutual rights and interests. We know for sure that our future is in our principle. No policy and no strategy will ever save our history, culture, identity, land and political future if our principle is murdered,” Swu added.

The NSCN-IM chairman then claimed that the Naga people understand the NSCN-IM fights for a cause. When the NSCN-IM negotiates, it is also for a cause and it is running a “national government” for a cause, Swu further claimed.

“It is the decision of the NSCN that it will always take care so that it does not make mistakes in its conduct of affairs. Our people should bear with us if and when there is commission and ommission here and there,” he stated. “However, be it informed that NSCN is strongly opposed to any political move by a section of people or group that deviates from the national stand. We must beware of the wolves in the sheep`s clothing. NSCN will always be loyal to the nation and the Lord,” Isak Chisi Swu cautions.


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