JAC demands revocation of Dr Kala`s practice licence


IMPHAL, January 20: Members of the JAC against the Unnatural Death of Oinam Lovingson demanded immediate revocation of the practising license of Dr Kala, the doctor who was treating him.  

They made the statement during a in a sit-in-protest held at Oinam Sawombung Mayai Leikai along the Mayai Lambi road today.

The womenfolk of Oinam Sawombung said a test was conducted on Lovingson on January 11 at Babina Laboratory after which Dr kala advised varicose vein operation on his right calf. He was then admitted to Public Hospital on January 12, 2014 and the operation conducted on January 14. When he was ready to be discharged, Lovingson’s health underwent a major deterioration.

He further stated that without the consent of the patient party Dr Kala arranged for shifting the patient to Raj Polyclinic Hospital, where he was kept in the ICU till January 19.

On the same day at around 7:30 am the death of Lovingson was informed to family members. One of the JAC members said Dr Kala informed the deceased’s relative after the operation that he was referred to Raj Polyclinic Hospital as he developed kidney failures and underwent dialysis procedure twice.

Dr Kala also told them that Lovingson had ulceration in the stomach and the intense bleeding caused dysfunction of the organs and ultimately leading to failing of his kidneys. One of the protesters asked why a doctor advised the operation in a private hospital even though there are two government hospitals. So, the JAC demanded immediate action against Dr Kala and revocation of medicine practicing license, he added.


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