KSO chief : Naga political talk is a threat to Kuki political aspiration


IMPHAL, January 10: As Kuki students strive for national consciousness or the idea of nationalism in the minds of young and old, there is a distinct need to safeguard our land from extreme aggression. The Naga political talks which bear a direct threat to the Kuki political aspiration is a constant pain in the neck, said Peter H Mate, president of Kuki Students’ Organisation KSO, General Headquarter.

He mentioned this during in the two days General Assembly and Conference, 2014 at KSO general Headquarter at M Songgle, Churachandpur today. He further said that the threat to Kuki by the Naga political talks should be considered with seriousness adding that matter was consulted during meetings with various Kuki militant organisations under the KNO and UPF.

The various possibilities through which the KSO can be of help were discussed but it is vital that the two warring groups (KNO and UPF) should first have a semblance of unity and solidarity, he stated.

Since, the purpose of existence of the two groups is all same the KSO president maintained that they should set aside all differences and speak in a common voice to the government.

He further cited that in the last one decade everywhere KSO unit and branches are opened. Now KSO has 25 branches in major towns and cities spread across the country.

“The KSO along with Kuki Inpi has become the frontal organisation of the Kuki people dedicated to protection and safeguarding of the interest of our people against Nagas’ aggression,” he stated. KSO has now become a gigantic organisation and need to incorporate a new and modernistic ways of administration for better co-ordination between the General Headquarters and its branches in the state and cities, he added. Though, KSO is operating in accordance with the laws laid down in its constitution but its role cannot only be confined to education only, he stated.

“The prevailing political situation in the Kuki-inhabited areas compelled the KSO into venturing in the geo-political affairs in the region. The KSO has acquired a new avatar and broaden its objectives keeping in the manifold interest of the Kuki people. The resolution for constitution amendment was passed in Haipi Assembly in 2012.

A sub-committee was formed and constituted along with the participation of the past leaders of KSO on the need to review and the amendment of the constitution was gravely felt,” he informed.

The General Assembly was attended by about 87 delegates from 25 branches of KSO from Manipur, Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Karnataka, Myanmar etc.

The main purpose of the assembly is to discuss the constitution amendment draft for adoption during the ongoing assembly.

The theme of the event is “Changing Edifice” which was adopted in tandem with the constitution amendments draft to suit the changing needs and structure of KSO administration.


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