Licenses for roadside vendors urged


IMPHAL, January 18: The 15th foundation day of the Road Side Vendors Welfare Association, Khwairamband Keithel Imphal was held at GM Hall today at 11am.

The function was attended by chairperson Imphal Municipal Council, A Nimai Sharma; chairperson Bazar Board Committee, IMC, S Tiken Singh; deputy labour commissioner, E Tomba; professor, MU Chinglen Meishnam; social scientist Dr Dhanabir laishram, director Babloo Loitongbam; senior journalist Liklai Leima, general secy MKNM Laishram mema Devi and secretary National Hawkers Federation Md Ali as the chief guest, guests of honour, special guest and president respectively,

Gifts were handed out to nine women vendors who were the most senior and junior street vendor’s.

Meanwhile, Dhanabir Laishram said that the street vendors are beaten up by the traffic personnel, VDF and police, so the government has to understand the sufferings of the vendors.

He further appealed to the government for the Town Vending Committee licences.

Chinglen Meishnam said that the street vendors are not scared of anything and continue to face several problems and hardships.

However, the one thing that they are afraid of is that they will be unable to provide sufficient food to their children, he added.

People want good leaders but out state has no good leaders, he pointed out.

He further appealed to the people to take care of the poor.

The neighbouring state of Tripura has seen a lot of developments, he said before adding that there is even pension for street vendors.  


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