MAPS felicitated veteran Manipur scientist


IMPHAL, January 21: The Manipur Association for the Promotion of Science (MAPS) and Research Institute of Science and Technology (RIST) today jointly organised a felicitation of Veteran Scientist of Manipur 2014 and RIST Lecture Series-3 at Manipur Press Club, Imphal.

The function was attended by Prof I S Khaidem, former vice-chancellor of Manipur University; Prof M Dhaneshwar Ddean, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Manipur University; Prof A Surjalal Sharma, senior scientist, Department of Astrology, University in Maryland, USA and Director RIST Manipur and Prof N Rajmuhon, president, MAPS as the chief guest, guests of honour and president respectively.

During the function, MAPS felicitated Prof C Amuba, former vice-chancellor of Manipur University and Prof H Nandakumar, vice-chancellor of Manipur University and they were honoured as Veteran Scientist of Manipur 2014.

Addressing the function, Prof I S Khaidem said that the present educational system in Manipur is sub-standard in comparison with the system in other states.

The main practice in the state is that the students are more concern with taking their lessons by heart, instead of comprehending the lesson, he said.

He also observed the need to review the methodology and manner of teaching practice in the state.

More emphasis should be given on discussion between the students and the teachers so as to motivate the students, he said before adding that professionalism in the state is very low and most teachers are irresponsible in their duties.

The programme of RIST Lecture series-3 was started after the end of the felicitation programme.

In Lecture-1, Prof GJ Sharma, Life Science Department, MU lectured on Molecular Characteristics of Intergeneric Hybrid while in Lecture-2, Prof K Jugindro Singh, Department of Physics, MU talked on Technique for Measuring the Properties of Stars.

The Lecture-3 was delivered by Prof Ng Ibohal Singh, Department of Mathematics, MU on Mathematical Derivation of Black Holes and lastly, Prof A Surjalal Sharma, Senior Scientist, Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland, USA and Director, RIST Manipur presented a lecture on Complexity Science and Finance respectively.


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