MLA complaints deletion from electoral roll


CCPUR, January 20: More than 2056 electorates/voters of 58/CCpur AC have been deleted from Electoral Roll under Special Summary Revision-2014 which was published on January 6, 2014, said a source.

It is said that the names of the 56-Thanlon MLA, Vungzagin Valte and the EM of the ADC CCpur Mangchinkhup are amongst the deleted names.

In a complaint against the name deletion, the two elected representatives have said that there is a gross negligence and wrong step for deletions in the Electoral Roll under Special Summary Revision-2014.

Citing both their names as deleted from the revision list, the two elected representatives further questioned, “under what circumstances, on what grounds, at `what level, with ,what intention and whose prejudice, these erroneous deletions are being taken in the Electoral Roll Revision.”

It further said, “In the Electoral Revision, there must be evidence and documentary approve for Additions, Deletions and Corrections.”

The two further requested for the correction of all the mistakes in the Electoral Revision and to take appropriate action against any involved person at any level.

Meanwhile, answering to IFP query, chairman ADCC Langkhanpau Guite say that it was unfortunate that this kind of issue had come out from his district, and need to be fixed at the earliest.


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