MSRRDA deviating from CPWD norms: ZYF


IMPHAL, January 25: The Manipur State Rural Road Development Agency (MSRRDA) has deviated from the Central Public Works Department norms while inviting tender from intending contractors for execution of works under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY).

The allegation was today made by Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF) in a press statement.

Further conveying that the SBD norms permit the contractors applying tender at the minus amount compromising the actual tender amount for execution of works which would be great loss for the entire State and it is not the interest of the people who are supposed to be benefitted by the execution of works, it said.

This is clear violation of CPWD norms therefore any contractors who proposed to execute works with minus amount than the actual tender inviting amount is nothing but to hijack of public money without actual execution of works, it said and adding that when the tender for execution of works is estimated at certain amount but proposed by contractors to execute works with minus amount indicates something suspicious design in collusion with scrupulous engineers because no contractors will surrender his personal money to complete any works other than to get profit from the works.

Therefore, those contractors proposed with minus amount to execute works deserves disqualification and their names be cancelled from the race of tender bidding. Various PMGSY packages so far implemented in the past has greatly benefitted to contractors with deficit for people apart from contractors executing works are most of them sub contractors actually hiring the name of some special contractors. Most of the PMGSY works are not commensurate to amount and the concern authority needs proper monitoring. Investigation into all the PMGSY works viz-a-viz contractors assets would expose huge financial mismanagement and exhaustion of public money without accountability, it said.

Incapability of State engineering cell of MSRRDA would expose if contractors who proposed to execute works with minus amount are allowed. The Zeliangrong Youth Front will not allow such contractors who have no concern for development other than for his personal gain in the name of execution of development works to execute works in Zeliangrong areas, it said.


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