`Need to upkeep traditional games`


KANGPOKPI, January 11: The best and only sustainable key for reformation of a society and oneself are discipline and quality education, asserted Nemcha Kipgen, MLA 50-Kangpokpi Assembly Constituency before adding that the lack of discipline is today witnessed all over the state.

Nemcha was speaking at the inaugural function of Keithelmanbi Youth Association Dais at Upper Playground and opening ceremony of the 10th Ward Wise Sports, 2014 at Keithelmanbi organized by the Keithelmanbi Youth Association.

Ngamthang Haokip, minister IFC, Printing and Stationery; Haokholal Hangshing, chairman, ADC Sadar Hills and Nemcha Kipgen, MLA 50-Kangpokpi AC attended the function as chief guest, guest of honour and functional president respectively.

“Discipline makes a man successful in all walks of life”, averred Nemcha in her speech before adding that people should incorporate discipline in all their activities.

The local MLA also stressed on the importance of games and sports for unity and appealed particularly to the youths of the society to abstain from taking drugs and alcohol since it degrades the standard and quality of games and sports.

“It is vital to introduce our traditional games and sports practiced by our forefather in the past in today’s games and sports arena”, noted Haokholal Hangshing adding that games and sports is also a part of education which cannot be ignored and avoided.

“No unity, no development” pointed out IFC minister, Ngamthang Haokip, who attended the function as chief guest while adding that various development is coming up in Sadar Hills including the post creation of SDO, SDC for Champhai Sub-Division under Sadar Hills.

Ngamthang Haokip inaugurated the ‘Dais of Keithelmanbi Youth Association’ after the end of the biggest and largest ever “Lenkhom Lamkol”(a social gathering dance) among the tribal community particularly the Kukis in the state.

More than 600 individual from Ward No.1 to 11 of Keithelmanbi village participate in the dance, with the guests also joining in.

While Nemcha Kipgen hoisted the KYA flag, Haokholal Hangshing opened the 10th Ward Wise Sports 2014 of Keithelmanbi Village, the biggest and largest village of the tribal community in the state consisting of around 700 households.

Several memorandums, highlighting the various hardships faced by the denizens of Keithelmanbi particularly the youth of the village, were submitted to the guests by the Keithelmanbi Youth Association, the organizing committee of the event.

Seikholet Singsit pointed out that Keithelmanbi Ward Wise Sports was introduced long time back in the year 1975, but could not be conducted continuously due to various reasons.

However, with initiative of the KYA it has been conducted annually for the past nine years and the 10th edition being organised today, he added.

The 10th Ward Wise Sports 2014 of Keithelmanbi was kicked off after the introduction of the players to the guest.

11 wards will be taking part in the sports meet.

The ceremony was also attended by Lunthang Haokip, EM (Med and Vety), ADC Sadar Hills; Lamkholen Kipgen, member ADC Sadar Hills; Ngahchong Kipgen, ZEO Kpi; Gogou Kipgen, SDC (Hq), ADC Kpi; Lhingjanei Kipgen, Miss Kut 2013; various Church leaders, village chiefs and civil bodies.

Display of several Kuki Cultural dances marked the event, while various local artistes enthralled the gathering.


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