Paite cultural fest livens up CCPur


CCPUR, January 17: The first ever Paite Cultural Festival 2014 was held at the Mission Compound under the aegis of the Paite Cultural Festival Committee (PCFC) today.

The secretary of PCFC, Siam Ton Sing said that the program was held to rejuvenate the cultural aspect of the Paites who is the major constituent group in Churachandpur.

During today’s program, several cultural practices including Phitlam, Suktuah lam, etc of the Paites’ were shown.

The PCFC leader also said that the program was to help preserve the cultural history of the Paites’ for posterity.

He continued that the activities of the PCFC will continue in the years to come.

Minister Phungzathang Tonsing who was supposed to attend the function as the chief guest due to his busy scheduled couldn’t attend and instead sent his son Khanthang to attend the function.

Parliament secy Vungzagin Valte who was not an invitee came on his own accord and spoke on the occasion.

He said, “I found that it is my duty to grace this occasion at the old Churachand village which is the major center.”

Valte said, “If we forget our own culture and fail to preserve it, we are like a flower which cannot produce juice and those who don’t preserve their culture are like a dried out flower.”

In reaction to the use of the social networking sites as a platform for criticism, Valte said that the politicians, as servants of the people, are too busy to look at the criticism; and further requested the people to come directly to them so that a solution could be reached to their problem.

He praised the many cultural troupes that perform during the occasion and said that he will do his best to promote the culture of the tribe. Langkhanpau Guite chairman ADCC was another leader who came on his own accord and offered solitary with the organizing committee in particular and the Paite community in general.

Delegates from all the other 17 branches of PTC and other Paite organisations including from Mizoram, attended the cultural festival.

Thangkhanlal Samte, who is the general secretary of PTC/SSPP Sialkalh Tang area in Mizoram told IFP that he was quiet impressed by the program and will go a long way in promoting the Paite culture and tradition in the years to come.

He added that the right course of action had commenced today and the people need to keep it up.

On the occasion SSPP Rayburn Collage unit performed the original Suktuak lam, commonly known as bamboo dance in the original customary way of using long pestle instead of bamboos.

Amzarthang acted at the festival father, with general president PTC/GHQ Tualkhanhau and ex-president PTC/GHQ T Singneng hosting the festival.


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