Polls Fever Raised


The mass enrolment camps of BJP attended by two national leaders, spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman and national VP Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, have raised the tempo of campaigning for the next Lok Sabha elections which have been tentatively put at April-May by officials. There is no heads up as to who will emerge successful among the political parties as yet. The splendid show by the Congress at the Assembly elections resulted in an indomitable attitude among its leaders and party workers and unparalleled enthusiasm but it seemed to have dwindled over the time. Now there is some resemblance of apprehension which had seeped in steadily among the ranks and file of the party following the rout suffered at the last round of Assembly elections during 2013 end. On the contrary, it is seldom that the morale of the state BJP has been so high like the party is experiencing at the moment. The frenzied activities at the local level, specially in the hill districts, and a visibly major transformation in the strategy of the saffron party shown by its advance full-fledged campaign tantamount to an open declaration that it is making preparation for a good fight in both the constituencies. As part of its mission to cross the magic figure of 272, the BJP has in most likelihood sanctioned the fielding of maximum candidates and thus increased the mobility of its star campaigners and national leaders to enable them to reach each and every constituency. Though there are reputed candidates vying for tickets for both national parties, the political suspense is very thick over which party will reach the post first at the elections. The opportunities of consensus candidates among the opposition parties have frittered as none of the major parties that participated at the somber congregations to thrash out a formula have shown the sacrificial spirit. This is despite the general agreement on the imperativeness of such an arrangement to raise the chances of wresting the seats from the Congress. The representatives from parties like BJP, CPI, TMC and NPF probably sat through the discussions, waiting for the end but preoccupied with the thoughts of whom they would field at the elections. Maybe, the idea of giving the consensus idea a try did not even crossed their minds. The position of the BJP on sending its candidates for both seats is pretty clear. On the other hand, the CPI has even confirmed that Dr Moirangthem Nara will be contesting again. The early announcement has weakened the cause for a united opposition camp and the spirit of its proponents must have been left asunder. Moreover, it brings up for dissection the commitment of the party on the consensus issue from the start and gives the impression of selfish play and misleading its partners all the while. The TMC on the virtue of its good showing at the Assembly elections is optimist about making it two out of two, considering that its chief is a former MP. Another opposition party whose compulsion opposed the concept of consensus candidates is the NPF. With its targeted audience very clear cut and the need to consolidate its vote bank, the party will oblige the call of conscious to field a candidate in the outer constituency. However, the cynosure will also be on the MPP. Despite its annihilation at the Assembly elections, it had led unselfishly in the quest for a consensual opposition candidates. But after the setbacks in the formation of opposition unity, the parties will have to ponder its next steps.


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