`Rampant corruption by Cong govt has put state in a mess`


CCPUR, January 10: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Manipur unit president, Th Chaoba Singh and a host of other party leaders from the state and Ccpur district today attended the formation of party office for 58/ Churachandpur mandal and 55/ Tipaimukh mandal at VTI Auditorium, Rangkai Lamka.

The BJP state team also hoisted the party flag during the function.

Attending as the chief guest, Th Chaoba Singh said that “good governance” is the need of the hour in Manipur.

Under the “most corrupt party, Congress”, the state has been reduced to a mess, the BJP state president lamented.

Comparison today with other state even the neighbouring states would be a shame, as development has been swallowed by the corrupt government, he asserted.

Meanwhile, the former union minister said the development in Tripura and the simplicity of its ministers are worth mentioning, whereas in stark contrast, the condition in Manipur is pitiable.

He said there is no safe drinking water or proper supply of electricity available even in the second largest town of the state, Churachandpur.

Since, the country’s independence from the British in 1947, the country has seen only two credible/high calibre Prime Ministers: Lal Bahadur Shastri and Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

India is on the verge of having the third such Prime Minister in Narendra Modi, he said.

Exalting the BJP prime ministerial candidate, the state president of the party said that Narendra Modi who doesn’t own a single bank account in his name was also instrumental in bringing development in Gujarat, which has bettered even some states in the USA.

Once the BJP comes to power, the state will see development in just five years, he said.

Elaborating that the people of the district have to come to the state capital, due to lack of doctors and even basic facilities at the district hospital, he observed that both the education and health sectors are also in pathetic conditions.

As for the education sector, the boom in private schools/ institutes is evident of the state of education in the state, he continued.

Since the government schools and colleges are inadequate, the people go to the private schools and continue to fish out unnecessary money, elaborated.

Once the BJP comes to power, the Imphal-Silchar road will be upgraded to a six-lane road, he said before calling upon the people to bring a change in the up-coming election and bring a corruption free party to power.

Chaoba also ensured a CCpur centric press conference at Imphal at the earliest.

National vice president of the party’s ST morcha, Prof Ganggumei Kamei said the BJP is the party with the difference.

The leader, who is also aspiring to get the party ticket for the upcoming Lok Sabha election for outer constituency, said it was BJP that had approved the formation of the DoNER ministry.

On the question of secularism of the party, he said that the party’s constitution said that the party is for “positive secularism”, which is more secular than the mere secularism.

He further appealed to the people for support and to work unitedly to bring about the much needed change.

On being asked about the road development in Tipaimukh/Thanlon area, he said that once given the power and mandate, he will look into the matter.

Samuel Zendai who acted as the chief host, also said that the people need change in both the valley and the hills.

Gun culture in the state needs to be shunted, lest the state loss the change to develop, he said.


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