R-Day boycott


IMPHAL, Jan 24: IMPHAL, Jan 24: The KCP (MC) Military Affairs has also announced a 12-hour general strike on January 26 starting from 6 am to 6 pm.

A statement of the outfit has further declared that essential services like fire service, water supply, ritual services, electricity, print and electronic media will be exempted from the purview of the bandh.

The Kuki National Front (NEHLUN) is all set to boycott the Republic Day celebration of 2014 in the entire hill districts.

KNF-N said their boycotting of the Repubic Day will be done “separately of our own excluding the CorCom (conglomerate of Manipur based militant outfits) or the collective bandh called by North East insurgent groups.

“This time the total chakka bandh unlike other years will be imposed excluding media personnel only from the evening of January 5 at dusk till the evening of January 26.This practice will be carried out until and unless the Government of Manipur paves the way for the creation of kukiland,” stated KNF-N.

“We demand our legitimate birth rights of a separate Kuki state permissible under the Constitutions of India, through arms struggle, since the government had sidelined the Kuki national movement initiated by Kuki National Assembly (KNA) set up way back in the 1960s for the political solutions and rights,” it said.

According to KNF-N, it is a universal known fact that the Kukis, though the greatest nation among the tribes, were divided by the British prior to Independence into three countries without consulting their will, thus making them the smallest nation in their respective settled countries, i. e. India, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

“Therefore, we ourselves should regain the territory of Kuki inhabited areas and transform them into one nation and one administration by crushing the Constitution and the provisional boundaries of the tri-nations of South East Asia,” it asserted.

Meanwhile, the KNF-N said, the chakka bandh will be strictly enforced in totality all district roads, state and national highways.

“We urge all to co-operate for the same to avoid any untoward incident which will be of their own risk and responsibility if violated,” the KNF-N cautions.


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