Replace IO in Mema Bibi murder case, demands JAC


IMPHAL, January 17: The joint action committee against the brutal killing of Mema Bibi has demanded the immediate replacement of the investigating officer of the case and the office-in-charge of the police station concerned.

Speaking at a press meet held today, convener of the JAC Rahaman said the committee strongly condemned the brutal attack by a police team under the command of T Inaobi, the OC of Irilbung PS, on women protestors present at the court complex of the CJM, Imphal east on January 16. The women were there to demand the truth on the involvement of Nur Khan alias Khan in the killing.

The OC had reportedly ordered lathi-charge and other forms of physical assault on the women injuring three of them, who were identified as Thambal, 41, Reshma alias Bembem, 20, and Samerun, 21. They were admitted to a nearby hospital and discharged after receiving first aids. In this connection the JAC raised serious concern and draw the attention of the authorities to investigate the conduct of the OC of Irilbung PS.

He accused the police of acting favorably for the culprit’s family and asserted that they have not managed to produce any evidence against Nur Khan even though the latter had made a confession of murdering Mema Bibi. The police have claimed that important pieces of evidences like the clothing of the accused and murder weapon could have been destroyed or lost when his house was dismantled by a mob on January 2, 2014, he stated.

Daughter of the deceased, Rukaya expressed her strong conviction that more persons could have been involved in the murder. She claimed that after she saw three persons in front of her mother’s grocery shop and then her mother lying in a pool of blood just ten minutes later. JAC members further demanded that the other conspirators in the murder should be arrested within five days. If the concerned authorities do not take up any positive actions for fulfillment of the demands then they will launch serious forms of agitations.


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