Road safety to be taught in schools: CM


IMPHAL, January 11: A motor bike rally was flagged off by works minister Kh Ratankumar from Old Secretariat, Babupura today. The contingent comprised personnel of the state traffic police and members of Royal Riders. The minister said the rally will travel from place to place and spread awareness about road safety. Delving on the importance of the observation, he urged people to wear helmets and not to use mobile phones while driving.

In his message to the people on the occasion of Road Safety Week that was broadcasted on AIR and Doordarshan Kendra, Imphal, the chief minister O Ibobi stressed the need for extensive participation of public in the effort to minimize mishaps while travelling on road, and prevent injuries and loss of valuable lives.

He iterated that the week is being celebrated across the nation under the same theme of ‘When on the Road, Always Say Pahle Aap’. He announced that the observation will be conducted by the transport department in collaboration with the traffic police, education and health departments, district administrations, and organizations and unions tied up with the transport sector.

The essence of the observation is the belief that accidents can be avoided if traffic rules are followed, he stated and cited the report from World Health Organisation concluding that India has the record of having the maximum numbers of road accident victims. In the state, the chief minister mentioned based on the report from CID crime branch 676 road accidents were reported on an average per year during the last five years. In 2013 itself, 171 persons died, 379 were left with physical deformities while another 912 were injured, he said.

The onus for making a contribution in the formulation of programmes and policies for prevention of roads mishaps is not confined to the government but includes people, he stated and appealed for assistance from one and all. He announced that there will be minute scrutinization process to identify applications from under-aged persons for driving licenses and added that the same will be handed only in adherence to the rules and regulations and based on the results of the driving test. The transport department will monitor the operation of driving training schools with official authorization, he stated.

CM Ibobi said his government has taken up steps for creation of state road safety fund and inclusion of chapters on traffic rules and road safety in the school syllabus.


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