ROs for state Rajya Sabha polls named


IMPHAL, January 21: The Election Commission of India has designated secretary, Manipur Legislative Assembly as the returning officer and the joint secretary, M Ramani Devi and Rohit Sapam, deputy secretary, MLA as the assistant returning officers of the biennial election to the one seat for Rajya Sabha of the state.

An official notification of secretary to the ECI, KN Bhar, republished by the chief electoral officer, Manipur has said that the last date for making nominations is January 28, while the scrutiny of the nominations has been slated for January 29.

Further according to the notification, the last date for the withdrawal of candidatures has also been slated January 31; while February 7 has been slated for a poll, and that the election should be completed by February 10.

Meanwhile, the secretary Manipur legislative Assembly secretary, who has also been designated as the returning officer, Y Indira has said that the committee room, Manipur Legislative Assembly secretariat has been fixed as the place of poll.

The returning officer has also issued a notice of election which said that the nomination papers will be taken up for scrutiny at Manipur Legislative Assembly Secretariat on January 29, at 11 am, while nomination papers may be delivered by a candidate or by any of his proposers to the returning officer or to M Ramani Devi, assistant returning officer, at Manipur Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Imphal between 11 am and 3 pm on any day, other than public holiday, but not later than January 28, 2014.

It also said that forms of nomination paper may be obtained at the place and time aforesaid; notice of withdrawal of candidature may be delivered either by a candidate or by any of his proposers or by his election agent who has been authorized in writing by the candidate to deliver it to either the returning officer or to M Ramani Devi, assistant returning officer before 3 pm on January 31, 2014.


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