SK Thadou injured, cadre killed in ambush by rivals


JIRIBAM, January 15: In an ambush by the suspected rival faction at Leingangpokpi, the three men including chairman of the United Tribal Liberation Army (SK Thadou), a SoO signatory was injured and another cadre death.

Meanwhile, the UTLA in a press release while condemning the attack has said that the attack killed two SK Thadou cadres and injured two others.

The incident took place at around 2 pm when SK Thadou was driving a Maruti car (AS 24 – 7633) towards Jiri Bazaar and he was attacked by the suspected rival UTLA Robert Singson with sophisticated weapons. There were six persons in the car.

One cadre named private Kailun alias George of Cachar Lalpani was dead on the spot while chairman SK Thadou sustained a bullet injury at his chest and one cadre name Jetlee injured at his hand. They were rushed to Jiribam Community Health Centre for treatment. After having given necessary treatment there, they were then referred to Silchar for better treatment.

On receiving the news of the incident, the Jiri police commando and 27 AR rushed to the spot and helped them to get medical treatment at Jiribam. One cadre who was coming in the car said that the UTLA Robert faction of around seven persons had ambushed them and they somehow managed to escape from the spot.

Meanwhile, the United Tribal Liberation Army has condemned the attack on the SK Thadou group at Leingangpokpi near Jiribam, by its rival faction.

Condemning the act, the UTLA in a press release has said that the attack killed two SK Thadou cadres and injured two others.

The release further said that the KNO/UTLA organization had no knowledge about the incident and that the organization is not involved in such activities, instead, expressed the feeling of pain for the bereaved family and for the injured cadres.

The organization firmly stands for peace and harmony in the region obtaining the SoO ground rules, as it is solely the stronghold of the KNO/UTLA.

The organization performed customary peace talk (MoU) with them last year and it further urges that such unwanted activities should not happen again in the area.


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