State celebrates Gaan-Ngai


IMPHAL, January 13: The presence of different communities in the celebration of Gaan-ngai will help in bringing unity and cease the separation by religion, languages, caste and creed, said deputy Chief Minister of Manipur Gaikhangam.

He was speaking at the state-level Gaan-ngai festival celebrated at Keikhu today.  

Gaikhangam said we must come together in confronting the enemy of the nation. The people of Manipur must be united in protecting the integrity and unity of the state and prevent any force from disturbing it, he said. He further emphasised the need for helping and extending support in the development of culture were helful ot the rgistance participation of various community in the festival of Gaan-ngai is the symbol of love and oneness, he stated.

There is no place like Manipur where there is major festival of one community or the other every month, he stated adding that the people have the blessings of God due to their devotion without which there life will be meaningless and nobody can live.

He further announced that the demand for construction of a community hall at Keikhu with maximum monetary has the support from his department.

In his speech, commerce and industry minister Govindas Konthoujam stated that the department has full approval on the proposal from the woman society of the locality to have a handloom and handicraft workshed at Keikhu. He added that we must stick to our responsibility to protect unity among the people of Manipur and the festival of Gaan-ngai preaches the same idea.

PHED minister Irengbam Hemochandra announced the sanctioning of rupees two crore for the construction of a water supply scheme at Keikhu area from the Manipur state development project (MSDP). He further said that the construction will be started very soon within the next few months.

During the function women from Meitei community presented traditional gifts (pot lanba). The festival is being participated by various community leaders and civil society organisations of the state.

The Zelianrong union community performed various colourful dances and traditional songs during the event. In the Gaan-ngai festival the unmarried youths observed silent fasting from early dawn to the evening as a rite of self purification, the making of Holy-fire (new fire) for purification and prosperity for the entire community, and the congregation prayer of Hoi.

The Gaan Ngai is the biggest annual festival of the Zelianrong tribes of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland, which is celebrated just after the completion of the harvesting of the year, around the winter season and it lasts for five days or more.

During the official Gaan Ngai function Gaikhangam, Z Kikhonbau Newmai, Govindas Konthoujam, TN Haokip, Janghemlung Panmei, Md Amin Shah were present as the main invitees.


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