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State girl rescued from Delhi

IMPHAL, January 8: A rescued minor girl reached her home state escorted by Delhi Police on January 5 at 9 pm, according to the Child Welfare Committee, Senapati.

A statement of the CWC said that on January 6 at 8.00 am, four Delhi Police personnel including two women personnel led by Vinesh Kumar of Sarojini Nagar PS, Delhi handed over the minor girl at Imphal, who was rescued from the clutches of her employer who lives in Netaji Nagar Apartment, Delhi on October 28 2013.

The victimised minor girl hails from Senapati, it said.

The victim was received by chairperson and members of the CWC Senapati and chairperson, CWC Imphal East, it said before adding that the girl was later put up at Punya shelter home for girls at Thanmeiband as arranged by the state Social Welfare Department.

On the following day, CWC members of Senapati took the minor girl to Senapati and handed over to Hope Centre Senapati for care and protection during the period of pending enquiry, it said.



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