Thangal community observes Ang-Gee-Pheo-Tangnit "A Sanctification Day"


KANGPOKPI, January 4: With the inning of Ang-Gee-Pheo-Tangnit, a traditional observation of New Year for sanctification of oneself and their property by the Thangal tribe in their respective dwelling place around the world, the festival was also observed today at Tumnoupokpi organized by the village authority.  

K Sushila Devi, dy director Archives, attended the function as the chief guest while, H Khangba, president Thangal Union attended as the functional president.  

A huge number of Thangal men folk conducted a customary procession with a traditional gun shot while a competition to produce fire without using any modern materials like matches, lighter, etc was also conducted.

Tug-of-war matches between unmarried women and married women as well as unmarried man and married man were also conducted.  In the competition married group of both gender won the game which interestingly shows the tremendous degradation of the strength of today`s youth.

This also pointed out that many youth have been involved in various activities which account for degradation of strength in different fields.  Speaking on the occasion, K Sushila Devi lauded the Thangal tribe for keep their forefathers’ tradition and custom a “Living” custom and traditional till today.  She also donated Rs 10,000/- in cash while suggesting the process of availing financial facilities through Manipur State Archives.  

H Khangba, president Thangal Union illustrated the way of observing Ang-Gee-Pheo-Tangnit and explained the importance of it.  Display of traditional activities like playing music through traditional flute and others musical instruments, various traditional games, etc.marked the occasion.


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