Truck razed by freak fire


IMPHAL, January 5: In a freak accident, a truck was charred due to a fire ignited when the heated exhaust pipe of the vehicle came in contact with piles of dry straw underneath.

According to reports, the incident took place right in the middle of a paddy field at Bashikhong Kajengpat Loukon under Irilbung police station this evening at around 4 pm. The site of the incident was a distance of more than one kilometre from the main road and only the driver and helper of the truck which had reached there to collect harvested paddy were present at that time.

Police sources said that the truck bearing registration number MN01-3013 (12/10) was loaded with paddy and had sunk in the soft ground of the paddy field. In an attempt to move the stuck truck piles of straw were strewn under the tires to increase the grip. However the friction instead ignited a fire and engulfed the truck.

The truck belonged to Th Maitum, son of Th Tolhan of Kyamgei Khoirom Leikai and the driver was named as Soibam Rocky, 32, of Kyamgei Mayai Leikai.


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