Ukhrul faces blackout again


By R Lester Makang

UKHRUL, January 8: Amid the constant trepidation among the Ukhrulites that they might be robbed of their minimum requirement of power supply any time with the number of power cuts increasing in the past few weeks, the district is yet again plunged into darkness due to some technical failure at Yaingangpokpi Power sub-station on Wednesday.

When Imphal Free Press contacted the Electricity department, Ukhrul Division over the matter this evening, head-linesman, Makanmi said quoting sources from Yainganganpokpi that power supply in all areas of Ukhrul district has been disrupted due to certain technical defects with the Current Transformer (CT) Panel device installed at Yaingangpokpi sub station.

He further said that the problem cropped up today at the sub-station soon

after the daytime supply scheduled from 11 am to 1 pm, while adding that it is likely to be fixed by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, frequent power interruption here has given rise to a murmur of complaints amongst members of the public.

A resident of Phungreitang said that the people have now lost faith in Manipur government`s electricity supply. He said it is time to look for an alternative means.

Another resident, a shopkeeper at Phungreitang bazaar said that such is the usual thing that the department has mastered to do to add to the woes of the people by causing frequent power cut.


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