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Unattended tiffin carriers cause panic

IMPHAL January 28: Two unattended Tiffin carriers created panic among shop-keepers and passersby at Singjamei Super Market affecting the normal traffic along the National Highway 2 for more than an hour.

Shoppers at Singjamei Super Market, who come across two Tiffin carriers lying unattended on the southern staircase of the Supermarket ten meters away from each other, informed the shop-keepers about it and suspecting it to be fitted with a bomb informed the police about the carriers.

Soon after, a Police team arrived at the scene and prevented people from going near the Tiffin carriers and diverted all the vehicular movement along the Imphal – Moreh road from Singjamei traffic point to Heirangoithong and Pishumthong while the vehicles coming from Singjamei to Imphal were diverted along the Kongba Road.

A team of bomb experts arrived at the spot and after examining the two carriers with various precautionary measures found rice and dishes inside the carriers around 12 noon.  The traffic along the road resumed normally afterwards.   



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