UNC reacts with 12-hour shut down


IMPHAL, January 20: The United Naga Council has responded to the statement of the jt secretary, North East, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) reported in some newspapers on January 20, 2014, by declaring a 12 total shut down on January 23.

According to a press release from UNC, the Republic Day of India is not being boycotted. A peaceful abstention from participating in the Republic Day has been called by the UNC besides other civil actions to demonstrate the displeasure of the Nagas in Manipur over the wilful insult to the Naga people and to the democratic process of dialogue which the UNC has upheld with respect and to press for immediate intervention of the GoI with alternative arrangement, it said.

In the last talk held at Delhi on August 30, 2013 it was agreed that the next round of tripartite talk would be held within the “outer limit” of 2 months adding that this has not happened notwithstanding reminder communication dated October 29, 2013 and press statements on the matter issued on subsequent dates of November 18, 2013, December 6, 2013 and December 10, 2013 and also two occasions of limited bandhs of 48 hours.

The GoM has misled and wrongly influenced the GoI to suppress democratic rights and the people’s movement for securing their political aspiration. It is the GOI which has initiated the dialogue process. But GOI does not respond nor communicate, and leaves the process in a limbo, ignoring the fact that the democratic process of dialogue should be treated with respect and upheld with care. Instead, there is sinister design to sabotage the peaceful and democratic dialogue process by criminalising the people’s movement for securing their political aspiration, it said in the release.

To register their protest against the provocative statement of the Jt. Secretary, MHA, the civil action of a peaceful rally scheduled to be held in all Naga District HQs on January 23, 2014 has been cancelled and would be replaced by a total 12 hours shut down from 6 am to 6 pm on the same day i.e. January 23, 2014.

At this critical moment, UNC appeals to stand up unitedly in one accord and to effectively observe the total bandh in their respective jurisdictions. Any individual who wilfully defies the bandh would be doing so at their own risk, it concluded.


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