`Unity needed for development`


IMPHAL, Jan 9: “People of both the hills and valley need to unite”, said former minister RV Minthang during the observation of the Reconsolidation Day at Manipur Press Club today organized by United People’s Front (UPF) today.

Calling upon the people of both the hills and valley to be united, the former minister said that without unity, the people will not be able to meet any challenge or move forward towards development.

He further called upon all communities residing in the state to strengthen the unity of the state and ensure development of the state.

He further observed that “Awa” was able to defeat Manipur in past because of their superior army and advancement of weapons.

He said unity amongst the people of the state will also strengthened the state and compete with the other states of the country, he further observed.

In order to ward off any challenges, the hill districts need to be strengthened fast as it acts as the first frontiers, he further opined.

Advisor, All Manipur United Clubs Organization, KT Rahaman also echoed on need for unity amongst the people.

He further observed that till date the land encroachment by Myanmar could not be controlled, and instead of recovering the loss land, the government has been only making statements.

President, Zeliangrong Union (Assam, Manipur, Nagaland), Amu Kamei said that the martyrs of the state have sacrificed a lot in order to safeguard the interest of the land, as compared to the present generation.

He further appealed to anyone demanding for separate homeland of desist from such demands and instead to encourage unity.


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