Woman is the cementing force of society: Kim Gangte


KANGPOKPI, January 16: “Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, who was born to a woman transparently signifies women as the most peaceful human being on earth”, opined Kim Gangte, former MP and Human Rights activist before adding that women today`s are the cementing and unifying force in the society as well as the nation.

The former MP was speaking on Women Empowerment and Human Rights during a one day workshop on Women Empowerment and Human Rights organized by Action for Women and Rural Development (AWARD), Manipur at Community Hall, Kangpokpi here today.

Speaking at the workshop, Kim Gangte stressed on the importance of women’s role in the society as well as their participation in decision making in bringing positive changes and development.

“It is very much vital now to empower women in the society and in the meantime women should also clearly know and understand their rights and responsibilities”, asserted Kim Gangte while adding that women today needs to speak, talk and act for positive changes and development.

While encouraging the women of all communities in the state to fight and face the world with a peaceful attitude, Kim Gangte called upon all women to step out of their kitchen duties which have become a tradition and culture and start involving themselves in their true responsibilities by understanding well their genuine rights and qualities.

Gangte in the meantime suggested that women should faithfully and sincerely respect as well as honour their husband, while men should support and encourage women to fully empower the women, keeping in mind that there will be no development and changes in the society until and unless women are empowered.

She also added that women empowerment drastically needs men’s support.

DK Thangboi Haokip, addl DC, Kangpokpi speaking at the workshop as functional president said that according to the Indian Constitution every men and women have equal rights while adding that women need not hesitate to participate in election rather they should come forward to contest and join in the decision making.

Seikhomang Khongsai, Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills president lamented that in the past women were not counted in, but in today generation, there is nothing possible without women.

Dr S Chongloi, secretary, KUMHUR who attended the workshop talked on Human Rights and its importance.

Apart from the guests and other dignitaries Kuki Inpi Gunhom Lhang president, Tongkhohao Kipgen; KWU Sadar Hills secretary Neinu; Rev Tongjam Haokip, chairman KTCF; Chunglet, ex-Pastor KBC, civil societies and women of Kangpokpi town attended the workshop.


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