ZOPA personality award


By Alex Guite

CCPUR, January 5: Zogam.com it its endeavour to bring about a change and innovation to the Zo people has announced that it will be launching the zogam.com personality of the year award call ‘’ZOPA’’.

The award will be an annual program from this year, to mark its existence and as a platform for “bridging the Zomis”.

The portal also acts as information hub of the zomis at home and zomis diaspora all over the globe.

The information supplied to the IFP, by the Zogam.com team says that to maintain the democratic principle and give ownership to the public the personality award  selection will be decided by 60% public vote and 40% jury vote who will be chosen from person of different field and location.

It further stated that the award will have a cash prize as well as a citation that will be awarded in March 2014 and the form for nomination  can be obtain from  the zogam. com web side and some major store in Ccpur the last date for submission of the nominees will be on January 31, 2014.


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