ZU not to celebrates Lui-Ngaini 2014 at Tamenglong


IMPHAL, January 30: The Zeliangrong Union (Assam, Manipur and Nagaland) has said that the union had during an emergency central executive meeting endorsed the decision of the public consultative meeting of ZU, Tamenglong Zone on January 16, 2014 that Lui-Ngaini 2014, “shall not be celebrated at Tamenglong district headquarters.”

A statement of the union has cited that the ZU, Tamenglong zone has not received proper intimation/acknowledgement for necessary arrangement.

It has also added that no social organisation other than the Zeliangrong Union (ZU) should take responsibility in hosting the Lui-Ngaini Festival in the case of Tamenglong district.

“It is a firm decision of ZU (AMN) and Zeliangrong people that Lui-Ngaini should not be celebrated in Tamenglong District till UNC realised its misconduct perpetrated towards the ZU (AMN) since many years,” it said.

Further elaborating on the issue it said that the festival was supposed to be held at Longmai (Noney) Village and the approach for the venue was accepted by the Longmai Village Authority and Pei.

However, the venue was shifted to Cbangdai Village and then to Raianglong, Tamenglong district hq without any intimation and reasoning to the Longmai Village Authority and Pei.

The statement further declared it as a blunder on the part of the “irresponsible organisers” and “a direct humilation to Longmai Village as well as the people of Zeliangrong as a whole.”

The festival is organised under the sponsorship of UNC but this time it is organised by “a few vested Zeliangrong leaders hailing from baudi, student and youth communities who professed themselves as leaders of Zeliangrong and hankering for popularity and wealth in the expense of leadership”, it claimed.

While asking the UNC if there has been any official sanction or authorisation to the “irresponsible leaders” to organise the festival in Zeliangrong area particularly in Tamenglong District, it said such irresponsible act is condemned by ZU (AMN) and Zeliangrong people.

“ZU (AMN) is totally against the attitude of some UNC officials who are indulging in putting a wedge between the Zeliangrong leaders/people in the pretext of common issues of Manipur Nagas.”

“Tamenglong District is not the only play-field of UNC, do not impose irrelevant and unreasonable directive of Nagas to the people of Tamenglong District and Zeliangrong people in particular which has deteriorated the unity of Zeliangrong as well as casting wrong impression upon the people of Tamenglong District,” it said.


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