ACAUT reaffirms October 31, 2013 stand on `underground tax


DIMAPUR, Feb 3 (NNN): Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) has reaffirmed to stand by its October 31, 2013 resolutions on underground tax.

ACAUT`s latest statement came after some businessmen in Dimapur market had revealed that a Naga militant outfit had served monetary demand letters to them few days ago.

ACAUT held a meeting on February 1 after Business Association of Nagas (BAN) received complaints from its members about the Naga militant outfit`s extortion notes. ACAUT has asked business community in Dimapur not to pay any `tax` to underground organisations unless its demand for “One Government One Taxation” is achieved.

On October 31 last year, Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) under the umbrella of “People’s Power”, a 3-point resolution was passed during the rally .

The first resolution was that the Naga public recognizes “One Government One Taxation” only and the Naga public has decided to pay only one tax to one entity. This also means that as long as factionalism exists, the Naga public shall not pay tax.

The second resolution has been that the Naga public re-affirms its support for Naga movement and strongly urges the Government of India to settle the Indo-Naga imbroglio at the earliest while the third and the final resolution says the Government of Nagaland should constitute a high powered committee to study the whole gamut of unabated taxations and illegal collections involving the NPGs and government agencies/departments. The committee shall consist of atleast five members headed by a retired judge of the Supreme Court or High Court with atleast two members from the ACAUT.

It can be mentioned here that ACAUT was formed early 2013 to check the rampant imposition of illegal tax on the people esprecially the business community by various organisations particularly the Naga underground outfits.

It can also be be noted here that ACAUT had called Dimapur bandh against the rampant imposition of illegal tax on the people by various outfits.

The ACAUT had said it action was just a pointer of things to come unless concerned organisations and authorities accede to our demands or put mechanisms in place to curb unabated taxation and ultimately price rise, namely, dealership and multiple taxations by underground organisations and price rise which is the prerogative of government to check.

The move was initiated unable to bear any longer on the rampant imposition of `taxes` on the business community and also on the general public.

ACAUT wants that there should be only one tax payable to any one underground group. ACAUT also stated earlier that the `back-breaking` multiple taxes on goods imposed by underground groups should be abolished immediately.

`Irritants` such as trade license tax, ID tax, registration tax, calendar donations, Christmas and New Year donations, etc. shall not be entertained anymore.

The ACAUT also wants that the yearly tax payable to different underground organisations should not be increased arbitrarily under any circumstances and therefore, amount payable shall be the same as in 2012.

The creation of the new system of ‘dealership’ by underground groups has been strongly condemned. For instance, it was pointed out that under this latest innovation to milk businesses dry, there is only one poultry dealer/supplier in the whole of Dimapur district and no poultry can be sold in the open market without the consent of this poultry dealer.

It can be noted here that the ACAUT had met the NSCN-IM, the NSCN-Khole/Kitovi and others on the issue.

ACAUT had also listed some other factors that cause to price rise which include DMC toll gates, police check gates, Deopani sand syndicate, Vegetable syndicate, Pan patta syndiacate, Cement and hardware syndicate, Fish and dry fish syndicate, Egg syndicate, Dry supari syndicate, Second hand clothes syndicate, Poultry product vendor union and Butcher vendor union.

The list is not exhaustive. To tackle taxation on a wider scale ACAUT will further pursue to form a fact finding committee to study and compare price of commodities in Nagaland and Assam. It will also meet the state chief minister and the governor and also submit representation to judiciary of Dimapur district.

The sale of all syndicate controlled poultry products including local chicken is henceforth banned throughout the state indefinitely, starting June 18. Anyone found selling poultry shall be doing so at their own risk. This ban shall stay in force till the price comes down to an acceptable level on par with neighbouring Assam, according to ACAUT.


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