ATSUM expresses concern over execution of RMSA projects


IMPHAL, February 1:The completion of 39 schools, which were upgraded to high schools, being constructed by the engineering wing of education (S) is doubtful after the illegal deduction in the work order, asserted Micah Kamei, Information Secretary ATSUM.

In a press meet held at the office of the ATSUM Nagaram this evening, he notified that a memorandum had been submitted to the concerned education minister regarding the misuse and illegal deduction of funds for construction of the schools in both hill and valley.

He further informed that the DDO and cashier of the engineering wing of the education (S) committed a foul play making deduction in the funds meant for implementation of centrally sponsored scheme RMSA. In the districts of Ukhrul, Tamenglong and Chandel, there are serious doubts whether the process of the ongoing construction will be completed at all.

He question whether the funds have been pocketed by the officials and whether the concerned ministers is dictating terms from behind the screen.

But the infrastructural development of the schools in the hill areas falls under ATSUM’s ROTO – Phase II education’s charter of demands. Members of union appealed to the concerned minister of education to look into the execution of work at the upgraded schools under RMSA scheme and check whether funds has been misappropriated through illegal deduction by the officials.

He further elaborated the DDO and cashier had claimed that the Security Deposited Part V was meant for handing over to the finance department under an order issued in July 31 2007. It was found out as per the documentation of the department that at least 1% of the estimate funds are to be deducted for labour cess while 3% is to be subtracted for the contingency charge, Kamei said.

He further mentioned that there had been allegations that the DDO of the engineering wing of education (s) have been making more than necessary deduction devoid of uniformity of fund deduction during the release of fund. Although construction work had been started almost 14/15 months back, it had been halted in hill districts due to lack of funds.

The ATSUM is hard pressed to question the validity of deduction of more than 11 % from the works order under the scheme launched to provide necessary infrastructure for school education. If the DDO or cashier are found responsible for misappropriation of funds, necessary action should be initiated against the erring officers, he stated.

ATSUM appealed the education minister to intervene on the issue of non-completion of school buildings, he appealed adding that sub-standard quality of school as a result of excessive deduction of fund is neither desirable nor tolerable.

At the same time the teacher’s quarters construction has also been reported to be completed. But in the reality after field visit the construction, it was found to be incomplete. We had twice appealed to the concerned authority but no action is visible. So, the concerned minister is requested to pay a direct visit to the construction site and see the reality, said Stephen, advisor of ATSUM.


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