“Govt apathy responsible for crimes against women”


IMPHAL, February 5: The families of victims of crimes against women today held a sit-in-protest in front of the office of Women Action for Development (WAD) in Konung Mamang.

A relative of one of the victims, protesting against crimes perpetrated to women said, “The government is not taking action against the accused. Besides that, it hasn’t put any of the accused behind bars even as several women were raped and murdered in the month of January alone.”

Expressing dismay at the lack of any action from the 60 sitting MLAs, the family members asked whether they are not people’s representative occupying office to look after the welfare of people.

“Narendra Modi is coming to the state and the security forces are trained to be employed for providing security to him but why is the government not training the security forces to protect women.”

A family member of Sarika, another victim of such crime, said: “The government doesn’t care about the victims. They are helping the accused persons by releasing them without the due process of law and without any fair trial. The accused have bought the law enforcing agencies with bribe on many occasions.”

The aggrieved families of the victims mentioned the case of Farida where the accused is still at large due to government inaction and also the Sultana (Babi) case with the same story to tell.


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