Help comming in from many quaters for Litan inferno victims


IMPHAL, February 6: The family of Julia Vashum, the eight-year-old girl charred to death in the Litan inferno, has not touched any of the charred remains of their erstwhile house. This was stated by Kh Alund, President of Kuki Students Organisation(KSO), Ukhrul while lauding various civil societies, MLAs Churches and individuals for their physical and financial help, and their mental support to the families of victims of the Litan inferno and for the help still coming in from many quarters.

Alund, also a member of the relief and donation committee, stated: “If the fire service was available in a nearby place like Yaingangpokpi, the girl may have been saved in time and less damaged caused by the inferno. Unfortunately, the mother and brother of the demised were undergoing treatment at CMC Hospital, Koirengei before the incident.

“The razed house of the demise, Julia Vashum, still remains untouched by her family but the last rite has been conducted yesterday. She was studying in class II and KSO is shock because she was inside the house and the police and the people around heard the cries of Julia but were helpless due to the engulfing flames.

Suggesting that it is high time for the government to help, he said that it should compensate every victim’s family.

KSO and Kuki Inpi formed a committee for relief and donation.  14 families and 170 people were affected and left homeless by that nightmarish Litan blaze. Eleven of the affected families were Tangkhuls and three belonged to the Kuki community. The fire broke around 11:30 pm on February 4.

Those affected by the inferno are taking shelter at relief camps. Ukhrul DC SK Chourashi, MLA Samuel Rishom, Deputy Speaker Preshor Shemrey, MLA Victor Keising, ADC Chairperson Ukhrul John Rahleng, KBC Mission Department, KNO/KNA Sinai Camp Area’s Village Chief and leader of various civil societies and many individuals are helping the affected families but no help has come from the government.

Meanwhile, the 16 AR Litan post is now providing daily meals to the victims’ families.


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