Massive turnout at Modi rally in Imphal


IMPHAL, February 8: The Congress government in Manipur has broken all records of corruption like the UPA government has done at the Centre, asserted BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi who was on his maiden visit in the state to attend an election rally held at Langjing Achouba ground Imphal today.

Despite the 11-hour general strike imposed by the United Revolution Front (URF) militant to boycott the visit, a mammoth crowd converged to attend the public rally.

As expected by the BJP, the turned out in today’s rally has been estimated over a lakh.

A key member of the BJP Manipur Unit, told this reporter that the party had arranged seventy thousand chairs with an additional four sections of open space. Yet, the Langjing Achouba ground was flooded with supporters from different parts of the state.

“I salute the culture of Manipur. Indian culture is not complete without Manipuri dance. Similarly, when we talk of sports, we see that Manipur gives the most. A large number of boy and girls from Manipur are in the army. Manipur gives colour and vibrancy to Indian culture. Manipur adds to the diversity of India,” said Modi sporting a traditional Manipuri head gear.

Unfortunately, Manipur has seen the worst Congress government due which the state has been plague with many problems ranging from corruption, drugs trafficking, insurgency problems and fake encounters, continued Modi.   

The UPA at the centre and the Congress government here have also played with national security. A lot of border pillars are missing along the international border with Myanmar, said Modi.

“Without taking Parliament and the local governments into confidence, the chief minister of Manipur signed a treaty to change the boundary with Myanmar. Who has given them such powers,” questioned Modi.

Maintaining that huge part of India territory has gone to the neighbouring country, he termed it as “anti-national, anti-people”.

“There is no water and no electricity here, and in Delhi too, where the prime minister sits, there is no water or electricity. It`s a coincidence of bad governance.”

Narendra Modi further said that “PDS has failed, NREGA has failed in Manipur. Panchatayi Raj is not working effectively. There is no employment generation. Schemes are only on paper. Of the 6.5 Lakh youth registered in the employment exchange in Manipur, do you know how many got jobs? Only 100 people!”

Observing that the IT field can be a great provider of employment in this region, he said people here know English, and are fluent in technology.

“We have to involve people in nation-building, with roads to connect them to the national mainstream. We have to give schools and colleges, we have to secure borders. We have to bring industries to process what your region already has. If you do this, no one will have to worry about the Northeast. I assure you that we will work in this direction. We want your support and we want your development. We want peace and we want development. We can build a new history”.

Emphasising on the condition of the entire north east, he said due to lack of attention and infrastructure, this region is suffering.

“In Indian mythology, it is believed that the northeast is a pious place. Those who believe in Vastu Shastra believe that the northeast corner of the house is to be cared for the most. It is also said that if you want peace and prosperity, take care of the northeast part of the country. In a country as big as India, if there is welfare of the North East, there will be welfare of India.”

Unfortunatly, polices of the central government since Independence have not been aligned with the growth of the Northeast, said Modi.

While referring to the rich bio-diversity, medicinal plants and other natural resources, he observed that the region has its own strength in economic development. But, the lack of an economic vision of the Congress leaders has failed to harness it.

He claimed that the region has been given an impression that it is not a part of India adding that the death of Nido Tania in the national capital is a national shame.

This incident happened due to the collapse of the government in Delhi, he further added.

“I stand before you with a lot of conviction and commitment to do something. I want to take the process forward that Atal-ji started. I promise to bring this region at par with the rest of India,” assured the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate.

When the BJP government comes to power, we will ask for account of every rupee. We will bring back all the black money stashed aboard, said Modi.

Modi further lashed out at the government for doing nothing for the good of the region.

“Prime Minister of India represents the region in the Rajya Sabha. Everyone knows he has done nothing for the region. He only comes to lay foundation stones or cut ribbons but the projects never take off.”

Stating that the Congress has wasted 60 years that the people gave, he asked the people to give him Just 60 months to transform the nation into a prosperous one.

“The politics of loot must end. Good days are coming after 100 days. Bad days are set to go,” concluded Modi.

The rally was also attended by senior leaders of BJP like Tapir Gao, national general secretary NE in-charge, PB Acharya, senior north east election campaign member, Th Chaoba president BJP Manipur.  

Lok Sabha aspirant candidates of BJP Manipur were also present during the rally including Oinam Indira, RK Ranjan, Joyraj retired colonel, RK Rajendra Singh retired lt col, Prof Gangmumei Kamei, Lori Adani Mao and Yanglet Haokip.   

Th Chaoba who also spoke during the rally alleged that the Congress secured 42 seats at the last state assembly election by unleashing money and muscle power.

But, it has to be seen how far they can use their force when BJP comes power, he contended.

He claimed that the reason behind Modi’s decision to kick off his NE campaign in Manipur was his concerned for the state.

Chaoba further appealed the people to support the BJP to bring a change in Manipur and India in the coming Lok Sabha Election.


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