MLA escort abuses student`s leader


<![CDATA[Ruwngthung Hrangbung

CHANDEL, February 18: A security escort who was posted at the official residence of Chandel MLA, DK Korungthang allegedly abused and misused his service weapon against the President of Naga Students’ Union Chandel, (NSUC) Sr Jonigam Anal.

As per the victim’s account, the incident occurred on February 14 morning when he went to meet the MLA for submitting a letter.tnbsp; He was denied entry into the MLA residence despite his request and identifying himself as the President of NSUC.

Despite the victim’s earnest request to at least allow him to leave the letter with PRO or the Private Assistant of the MLA, the security boasted saying that he does not know what NSUC was.

The security guard allegedly pointed his service rifle to the NSUC president before saying what the President of NSUC can do to him.

The humiliation stopped only when the errant security guard was intervened his colleagues who were present there during the time of incident.

Speaking to media the NSUC president strongly condemned the act of the security guard while terming it is an insult and challenge not only to Naga Students but the students’ community as a whole.

Demanding that appropriate action must be taken against the errant security guard before February 22, he further warned that the Union will be compelled to launch intense form of agitation.

He contended that MLA DK Korungthang including the guard commander and CO of the security personal involved in the incident shall be held responsible for any unwanted fall out due to non fulfilment of its demands.



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