New fire sub-stations demanded in Ukhrul


IMPHAL, February 6: Various hill organizations have demanded new fire service sub-stations at different blocks of Ukhrul in the aftermath of the Litan inferno that claimed the life of an 8-year- old girl.

Volunteers from the ATSUM headquarters in Nagaram conducted a relief cum medical camp at the site of the conflagration in the Kuki Baptist Church of Litan under the sponsorship from the Tribal Affairs and Hills, Government of Manipur for the victims’ family.

“The chief medical officer, other doctors and nurses should be here but even after being requested they are not here. We will put pressure on the government and ask why the Ukhrul CMO is absent from the site of the blaze”, Tombing, president of ATSUM told IFP.

“The ill-fated incident that razed 14 houses and 17 rented rooms charring an 8-year-old girl to death was due to the absence of fire service sub-station in the area. The government must help the victim’s family. ATSUM will demand the government to construct new houses for the victims soon and compensate for the dead girl. The basic administrative services must be provided equally to every citizen of the country.”

“If the district has a fire service sub-station in every block no inferno will kill any person as it can be controlled in time. But as the site of the inferno was far from Ukhrul Fire Station, the incident reached such catastrophic proportions,” he added.

He also stated that ATSUM is providing Rs 50,000 worth of drugs and a doctor with two female attendances along with 20 half begs of rice, one beg of Salt and Dal at the relief cum medical camp.

Yangzi, President of Tangkhul Katamnaolong Saklong (TKS), said: “Ukhrul has only one fire station in proper Ukhrul town. There are no other sub-stations of fire service in every block. It is appealed to the concerned fire department and the government to set up new fire service sub stations at some important places in Ukhrul. The fire brigade arrived but reached after the houses were damaged due to the distance.”

The village chief and the other civil organisation have jointly demanded the opening of new fire service sub stations in Ukhrul to avoid such incidents in the future.

The House of Julia still untouched till now, KSO loud help for Litan inferno.


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