No concrete decisions reached in tripartite talks


IMPHAL, February 6: The 7th Tripartite talk between the Government of India (GoI), Government of Manipur and the United Naga Council (UNC) on the issue of Alternative Arrangement for the Manipur Nagas, was held today at DRDA Conference hall, Senapati.

Home Secretary (NE- in Charge), MHA Shambhu Singh, was in charge of the Government of India’s delegation.

The ministerial team of the Manipur Government was led by Govindas Konthoujam, Industries Minister which included Francis Ngajokpa, minister Rural Development and Panchayati Raj and Heingang MLA, N. Biren. Chief Secretary PC Lawmkunga and Principal Secretary (Home) Dr. Suresh Babu, also accompanied the Ministerial team.

The UNC’s team was led by its president L.Adani along with Alternative Arrangement Committee Chairman, K.S.Paul Leo including others members.

The talks which started around 12.30 ended after two hours on the request of the Home Secretary due to an urgent situation on the Assam- Arunachal border.

Talking to media persons after the 7th tripartite talk, Gaidon Kamei, General Secretary of the UNC stated that the talk was a cordial one although no concrete decision was arrived at. The public would be informed when any developments takes place on this issue, he said.

However, the central and state government delegates declined to comment on the outcome of the talks.  

Meanwhile, briefing media persons the chairman of Alternative Arrangement Committee for the Manipur Nagas, Paul Leo commented that the arrival of the ministerial team was in itself a positive sign of development and a step forward in the right direction.  He pointed out that in previous talks, bureaucrats were the main participants and thus they were unable to take definite decisions on the Alternative Arrangement issue which is a political one.

The discussion about the arrangement would now be between the Union Ministry and State Government as all documents were submitted to the Ministers, further asserted Paul Leo.

Since the first round of talks held in December 3, 2010 at Senapati district head quarter, this is the first time that talks were held at political level.

As usual the talk was a closed door one and the details of the talks remained unpublicised.

In the meantime, the Kuki Inpi Manipur said the outcome of today`s talk in whatever form is not accepted by the Kukis since the attitude behind the talk is purely for disintegration of Manipur as well as displacement of peace and tranquility among the major ethnic tribes of the state.

Khaimang Chongloi, secretary Kuki Inpi Manipur opined that the apex body of the Kukis wants any political talk to be for all indigenous people while adding that conveying any kind of political arrangement for one particular tribe is against the integrity of Manipur as well as sowing the seed of communal civilwar.

“905 innocent Indian Kuki civilian were killed and murdered because of UNC`s Quit Notice on October 22, 1992 while 360 Indian Kuki village was uprooted and rendered 100,000 Indian Kukis homeless” pointed out KIM Secretary while adding that unless UNC`s unconstitutional activities has been brought to trial and justice delivered the victims of the ethnic cleansing will not accept any outcome of the tripartite talk.

Chongloi further contended that the talk is not only a clear sign of discrimination but also violation of human rights as well as disintegration of one`s state which could trigger any kind of communal war.

It warned that any groups involved in such talk should be held responsible any dangerous outcome.

KIM secretary also maintained that the stand of the Kuki Inpi is not only for the Kukis but the state as a whole and to safeguard the integrity, peace and harmony of the state.

Therefore, all intellectual and light minded individual denizens of Manipur should wake up from their deep slumber and stand united to safeguard the Integrity, peace and Harmony of the state.


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