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Political parties dismayed at Election Department’s irresponsible act

KOHIMA, Feb 24 (NEPS): Representatives of various political parties got today thoroughly embarrassed when they came to attend a meeting of the “Registered Recognized Political Parties of both National and State” here at the Hotel Japju as they found the “meeting hall” locked.
In a circular on February 17, 2014 by Chief Electoral Officer, Nagaland, Sentiyanger Imchen, a meeting for the Registered Recognized Political Parties of both National and State was called by Sudhir Tripathi, Deputy Election Commissioner, Election Commission of India (ECI) at 1630 Hrs on 24th February, 2014 here at the Conference hall of Hotel Japfu.
According to the circular, 2 Representatives from all “Registered Recognized National and State Political Parties” have to attend the meeting.
But the Representatives of the National Political Parties were shocked when they found the “conference hall” of the Hotel Japju, where the meeting would be held, “locked.” The Representatives from Nagaland Units of the Indian National Congress and the RJD who had rushed to attend the meeting expressed dismay at the manner in which the Election Department irresponsibly behaved.
Leaders of the Nagaland Unit of INC, Vapramu Demo and Kushatho while talking to NEPS here at Hotel Japfu said they were not informed anything of the postponement of the meeting. “We have to take the trouble of coming here to attend the meeting on time by braving the capital traffic congestions,” Demo added saying that “At least they should have acted responsibly by properly communicating with us even if they are going to postpone the meeting.”
“We have come all the way from Dimapur to attend this meeting  called by Sudhir Tripathi, Deputy Election Commissioner, ECI only to find the conference hall of the Hotel Japfu under lock,” Mhao Yanthan, General Secretary of the RJD Youth Wing, Nagaland told NEPS here at Hotel Japfu. “We have not been informed of any postponement of the meeting.”
Later, on queried with the Hotel Staffs, NEPS found that the meeting to be held on February 24, 2014 at Conference hall of the Hotel Japfu has been rescheduled on 28th February at 1600Hrs. But the Election Department had not communicated with the Representatives of these National Political Parties



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